36 Hours in Chefchaouen: An Insider’s Guide

Chefchaouen is everywhere right now. It's all over Instagram, it's all over Pinterest, it's all over travel magazines, it's everywhere you look. The Blue Pearl of Morocco perched up in the Rif Mountains in the northern part of the country has just blown up as a hot spot these past few years. Lucky for you... Continue Reading →

How to Pack a Carry-On

We've all been there...expensive checked luggage and tight, complicated airline regulations have us stuffing our carry-ons until the zipper is bursting! Plenty of people probably snicker behind me as I throw my huge Cabin Max  backpack (here is one that converts to a trolley) and VS Weekender Tote onto the security conveyer and start pulling out... Continue Reading →

7 Foolproof Ways to Find Places to Stay for Almost Free.

One of the things I hear most about traveling often is "How do you afford it?"  Everyone seems to have this preconceived notion that all of the aspects are expensive. We've already told you about how we find super cheap flights, but what we haven't talked about is where we stay. You know some times we... Continue Reading →

The Super Simple Way to Find Cheap Flights to Europe.

I really started to travel avidly in 2015, and now that it's 2018 I have been able to find cheaper flights almost every time. I started out with round trip flights to Spain for around $700.  Over the past few years I like to think I have really nailed down methods for flying as cheap... Continue Reading →

The Side-Hustle: How to Make Extra Money Teaching English Online

I've read so many articles about how to make money while traveling or living abroad, but many options include being tech savvy which I most definitely am not. And with past and ever accumulating debt (mostly past credit card debt with high interest) it is essential for me to make money outside of my normal... Continue Reading →

Fes, Morocco – The Ultimate Itinerary

Morocco was one of the Top Three Places we Visited in 2018 . Our journey to Fes was part of the reason why we loved Morocco so much.  Christie and I were lucky enough to spend a full week in Morocco this spring. I flew over to Madrid for a few days and we took a flight... Continue Reading →


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